Our Mission

The purpose of this mission is to help outdoor mobility for disabled Veterans at a local level. Even small donations from a small percentage of the community would allow us to purchase Trackchairs for Veterans in need. We have joined forces with AllenForce and their "VETANK" program to help improve the lives of our heroes.

The video below shows how they help our heroes.


Why Donate?

  • To help improve the lives of our military men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom!
  • To allow disabled Veterans to continue to enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Change lives through increasing mobility independence.
  • 100% of proceeds will be donated to AllenForce for VETANK Trackchairs
  • $1 from 1 out of 10 Naperville residents would allow us to purchase a Trackchair.
  • Questions? Email us at info@NapervilleTrackchair.com